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Church Website Design

The Best Church Websites Are Bespoke

The best church websites are those that reflect the unique character of a particular fellowship. Every church also has it’s own particular needs and services that it wants to offer online.

So while there are many ‘off the shelf’ website solutions, most churches are better not trying to shoehorn their requirements into a pre-designed template.

For a church to be properly served it needs to work alongside a real person – someone who understands their distinctives and their needs, and who has proven experience with web design. Dave Hewer Design has been working with churches and Christian organisations on their websites for over 10 years. I take time getting to know your unique situation before I even think the particulars of a design.

Engaging Visuals

Sadly many church websites are let down by ugly looks and a clumsy appearance. I believe the best church websites should be simple, attractive and easy to use. Because content matters, people need to be able to quickly and easily to find what they’re looking for.

Sermon Downloads, Events Calendar and More…

There’s no reason why even smaller churches shouldn’t have the best church websites, including the ability to upload sermons for listening to online. Dave Hewer Design can help you give you a system that is easy to maintain and simple to use. Our online sermons facility can categorise your talks by speaker, service, series and books of the Bible.

The best church websites also include up to date event information. Whether it’s a regular prayer meeting or a one-off conference, I can give you a website that lets your regulars know exactly what’s going on.

Responsive Design

The internet is changing and the best church websites are changing with it. More and more people are accessing the web via smart phones and tablet devices. So how usable is your site on an iPhone or iPad? Dave Hewer Design can setup your website responsively, so that it automatically adapts it’s layout and appearance to the device it’s being viewed on. This way, whoever is looking at your site is getting the best possible experience – all of the time.