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Bespoke Logo Design

Bespoke Logo Design - Easy Auto Buy

Working closely with a regular client, we together developed a bespoke logo design and brand identity that met the particular needs of a new car sales business.

Bespoke Logo Design

Bespoke logo design is essential because every business is different and the uniqueness of a company must be communicated in their logo. The brief on this occasion was to design a logo which reached out to an audience in their 20s and 30s. It was also important that the logo communicated a simple service which offered an alternative to standard dealerships.

Logo Development

Following a clear explanation of the business’s purposes I then went about developing a logo and brand which carefully reflected their needs. I also was able to involve the client at each step of the bespoke logo design process. A number of draft designs were produced with opportunity for client feedback and input.

We eventually settled upon a clever little design which integrated the shape of a car amongst the necessary wording.