Creative freelancer specialising
in graphic and web design.


Textbook Typesetting, Figures and Cover Design

As the publisher’s first full-length textbook – they were keen to establish a strong brand reputation within the market from the outset. The client wanted their AS Level Economics and Business Studies textbook to appear intelligent, comprehensive and authoritative. With this in mind we worked closely together throughout the writing and typesetting process in order for these characteristics to saturate every part of the publication.

Figure and diagram design

As well as carefully crafting the text layout I also worked on redrawing the figures and diagrams to make them clear at a glance and able to stand up to a detailed inspection. I drafted a number of cover designs for the client’s consideration. The one agreed upon affirms the intended characteristics of the textbook and is flexible enough to sit nicely with future publications.

Printer relations

Finally, I oversaw and coordinated the printing of the publication, working closely with a  printers speicalising in textbooks.

Graphic Design Projects

Graphic Design Projects