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Chartered Surveyors Website

Charted Surveyors Website

Working closely with DMS Design we developed an online presence for the well established charted surveyors: Smith Cole Wright. The client’s brief was for a charted surveyors website with a number of functions and features:

  • General business and contact information
  • Property listings and categories
  • Property Particulars download (PDF)
  • Embedded Maps
  • Services on offer
  • Past instructions
  • Quick and easy updating

Chartered Surveyors Website

The client emphasised from the outset the need to produce a website that would not only bring in new customers but also reassure existing contacts of their credentials. As such, prominent placement was given to show the business’s credentials via staff pages, history of instructions and range of work. The site’s visual design also developed the company’s brand – highlighting their professional trustworthy approach.

Property Listings

A key component of any chartered surveyors website is the ability to offer users quick and easy access to their available properties and development opportunities. This was achieved by implementing a specific property listing feature in the content management system that could handle categories (e.g. office, industrial, land) photos,  key information, geographical location and PDF files. Each property listing page also utilised the ability to dynamically embed a map, generated simply by inputing a post code refrence into the content management system.

WordPress Content Management System

A charted surveyors website with property listings is only as useful as it is up-to-date! Because of this the ability for the clients to make quick and easy updates and additions was absolutely paramount. The site was thus built upon the widely established WordPress platform – giving the clients complete access to fully editable content and the ability to swiftly add new properties as they became available.

Flexible and expandable framework

All businesses are constantly adapting and changing. And so a good chartered surveyors website will adapt with the business. By building the site upon clean semantic code and keeping the structure nice and simple, will able to grow with the business.

Web Design Projects

Web Design Projects