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Freggies Responsive Website Redesign

Freggies is a North American based business that supplies individuals and businesses with fresh fruit and vegetables, delivered to their front door.

Responsive design

As we approached the redesign of the Freggies website one of our primary objectives was to let customers quickly and easily make orders, regardless of the device they were using. That meant using a responsive design framework that would allow users easy use of the website whether on a phone, tablet or computer. Even when filling out forms or selecting dates from a calendar, Freggies 2.0 puts the customer in control.

Database integration

The new Freggies website integrates seamlessly with a complex database which handles customers details, orders and payments.

Bespoke icons

The Freggies business offers a number of different services for both home and commercial delivery. We crafted bespoke icons used throughout the site to help customers quickly distinguish between products.


Web Design Projects

Web Design Projects