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East Durham Churches Website

The Easington Deanery is in the North East of England and part of the Diocese of Durham. Dave Hewer Design was contacted about designing a website that the Deanery could use for it’s churches, particularly those which weren’t able to maintain their own site.

The objective of the website was to be a central hub of information for the East Durham churches and also a way of reinforcing the relationship between the churches.


The Deanery website was created using WordPress as it’s content management system which allowed the clients to update the information themselves. WordPress also allows each church to have to control over it’s own information, as needed.

Google Map Integration

The site was organised by having individual pages for each church. These individual pages show the relevant information for each church (such as location and service times). Google Maps are used in a number of ways through the site, including a master map showing the location of all the churches within the Deanery.

Each church page also automatically loads a Google Map satellite image in the header of the churches location.

Responsive Design

The Deanery website utilises a responsive design which makes all the content, including interactive Google Maps and contact forms, easily accessible on smart phones, tablets and devices of all sizes.

Web Design Projects

Web Design Projects