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in graphic and web design.


Product Website

It was pleasure to work as part of a team on this product website having already developed the product logo and branding. My particular responsibility was for the visual design and user experience.

Product Website

Key to the success of any dedicated product website is the getting the product itself front and centre, and getting everything else out of the way. This can be seen in the clean, clutter-free layout that even sacrifices the navigation on the home page for the sake of simplifying the user experience.

The action-point is simple: buy the product. To this end the scrolling header always puts the user one click away from purchasing. Beyond buying, there is also a helpful array of product information in the form of FAQ pages, contact form in the footer and a gallery of photos.

Clean appeal

While the page layout is simple and uncluttered it also needed to be a visually rich and engaging experience. The product website answers this requirement with striking and prominent use of images and video material. Every page contains either a large beautiful photo or (in the case of the home page) a short content-wide introductory video.

Know your audience

While the market for a dedicated vegetarian/vegan juicing accessory isn’t huge, it did mean we could narrow the focus and brand appeal for the product website. For example, aiming at an audience in their 20-40s meant making the most of social marketing possibilities and using clean, modern aesthetics.