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Responsive Business Website Design

Beautiful Business Websites

The day has past that simply having a website is enough. Businesses need a site that not only gives customers the information they’re looking for but also enhances their brand appeal. The good folks at Favour-it-ism produce beautiful favours and offer first-class event styling, and so they need a website that sings to that same tune.

Dave Hewer Design developed this bespoke website design that is full of rich colours and textures, while at the same time being clear and simple to use.

Responsive Business Website

With more and more potential customers using their mobile or tablet, businesses mustn’t be missing out. That means having a website that is accessible and not failing on smaller devices. We always recommend that our client’s opt for a website  built upon a responsive design framework which dynamically responds to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. is completely responsive and so looks just as perfect on an iPhone as it does on a computer monitor.

WordPress & Gallery Integration

All websites live and die on good content and that’s why we build content management systems right into the setup. This business website utilises WordPress to make adding offers, photos and updating pages quick and easy.

WordPress also handles all of’s galleries and carousels. New photos can be quickly added and because it matters, the galleries all work perfectly on smart phones and tablets as well!

Web Design Projects

Web Design Projects